TDC develops business strategy to 2015 to arrest decline in revenue

Denmark’s competitive telecom sector has benefited from government efforts to develop national FttH services, with the aim of providing widely available 1Gb/s services by 2020. Overall telecoms sector revenue continues to fall, with lower revenue from landline and mobile telephony in 2011 partly offset by a slight growth in data communications and broadband. Revenue decline, exacerbated by the poor economic climate, has also affected investment among telcos, which has fallen steadily since 2009. To secure future revenue stream telcos’ investment strategies are focussed on expanding their mobile and fibre-based networks, and securing spectrum when made available.

The mobile sector is now the largest comms market in terms of revenue. High penetration rates have focussed MNOs’ attentions to mobile data services. These are set to develop swiftly in 2013 following the recent auction of spectrum in the 800MHz band. LTE services have been launched by all operators and will become a dominant feature of the mobile landscape in coming years. The principal challenge for operators is to develop business models which translate the larger customer base into greater mobile data use, and thus higher ARPU.

For more information see – Telecoms Research



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