Investment Results in Over 20 Clean Coal Technologies

Coal has been the workhorse of many nations’ energy needs since the beginning of industrialization after the advent of the steam pressure-based mechanics. It has contributed immensely to the world’s industrial needs while proving to be a low cost energy source economically. However the past five decades have seen the nations begin to realize the environmental costs of this fuel source and this has forced industrialized nations to take a deeper look at understanding how to manage this wonderful fuel resource environmentally and determining whether Coal had even been capitalized in the most energy efficient manner till now.

The dedication of scientific acumen to development of Clean Coal Technologies is focused on the maximization of energy throughput form each ton of coal and arresting the emissions from the wastes generated. The two basic strategies which have been advocated for this objective are:

• Establishing the critical importance of increasing efficiency of present systems worldwide in order that an inverse proportion of one increase in efficiency to two to three percent decrease in greenhouse gases can be achieved in the short term.

• Bolstering Sequestration – Capturing emissions and storing them underground.

Sequestration is the long term outlook of achieving large reductions in green house emissions from coal based power generation. This technology coupled with coal gasification which delivers pure stream of CO2 for capture and storage are some of the new initiatives of the future.

The past two decades have seen R&D investment in Clean Coal Technologies and has resulted in the development of more than 20 new, lower-cost, more efficient and environmentally compatible technologies for electric utilities, steel mills, cement plants and other industries. That’s one technology taken from concept to implementation every year and in geological terms it is an achievement.

Since this industry has now become a viable commercial reality it makes perfect business sense to analyze the same through this report which aims at giving the professional a complete perspective on the historical as well as present day consumption of coal in energy generation.

Aruvian’s R’search’s report Analyzing Clean Coal Combustion Technologies specifically focuses on the problem of managing the residual wastes from the usage of coal as a fuel and the scientific development of clean coal technology as a viable option. The report also explains the need for a stronger policy and investment support to Clean Coal Technologies and the debate on the financial costs incurred with making clean coal tick.

The processes deployed in Clean Coal Technology from washing to the carbon separation and sequestration through advanced systems which derive efficiency as well as meet environmental standards are explained in detail in this report.

Any coal project cannot be successful without the active and joint support of the government and the industry and this report provides an insight profiling of some of the programs being run worldwide on coal technologies and the development of sustainable options.

Case in Point – China as presented in this report is an effort to understand the rapid strides taken by China in developing coal-based technologies and the adherence to ecological objectives by the PRC, whereby China is slowly bridging the technological gap between itself and the developed nations slowly.

The report provides an analytical view of the future of the clean coal technologies and their important role play in connecting with stabilization of the environment.


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